Dear Abby, Buddy Knox

One of the nicest and most talented young guys in show business today has just completed three more tremendously successful appearances in B.C. It’s not too often a graduate of psychology, business administration and a Golden Gloves competitor turns to singing but a 28-year old Texan, Buddy Knox, is the exception.

Buddy hails from a Texas town with the wild name of “Happy” and it appears that this name aptly describes the future of this boy whose records in this area are “somethin’ else”. It was in Buddy’s undergraduate year at West Texas State College (now West Texas A&M University) that he and three other talented fellows, including Jimmy Bowen, decided, from what they’d heard of each other in the school glee club, to try make a serious thing about music. The four formed a group, called themselves The Rhythm Orchids, recorded a Buddy Knox composition called “Party Doll” and found immediate success.

The fact that Jimmy Bowen is no longer recording with Buddy has not affected the sound of the records to any great extent. Currently one of the biggest hits in FUNland is Buddy’s latest, “Dear Abby”.

From my column in The Province, October 29, 1962