An old friend says “hello”

Red at CJOR, 1955Hi Red,

When I was 13 years old, I listened to your radio show on CJOR every day. Being a spunky young teen, I gathered my courage and went down to the radio station with the hopes of meeting my hero, Red Robinson.

You not only invited me into your studio, you encouraged me to come down on a regular basis and give you my impressions of your show.

You couldn’t have been more than 18 or 19 yourself, and even at that young age, you were charming, kind and sweet. I have such fond memories of sitting in your studio while you did your show and our friendly chats while the songs were playing.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration to a young impressionable fan. You’re a class act, Red!


Arlena Dodd (nee Chase)

Hi Arlena, words cannot express the delight I felt reading your email. We lived in the best of times.

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