April Wine

April Wine has never received the recognition they deserve. The band has been going strong for 39 years have had at least 20 Juno nominations and have never once won. They are not even in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Yet the group has multi Gold and Platinum records to their credit. Myles Goodwin who does the vocals and plays guitar is a great songwriter and many of his compositions have lived on through the decades. Brian Greenaway, also on guitar, is a delight to meet. He is the second longest playing member of the group.

Like so many rock and roll bands (including the Rolling Stones) the personnel changes over years. I had the opportunity to interview them for my weekly Global Morning News appearance and found them to be most engaging. Songs like Just Between You and Me hit the top 30 in the U.S. along with 7 more. They charted over 32 hits in Canada. The audience loved them as I also recognized them as one of the best Classic Rock bands around.

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