Bruce Allen On Red Rock Diner August 27!

My friend and entertainment industry legend Bruce Allen has accepted my invitation to join Pat O’Day and me on the Red Rock Diner finale Sunday, August 27 from 12-4pm on 650 CISL!

Bruce and I go way back: he was an 11-year old kid in the audience when I presented Bill Haley and The Comets at Vancouver’s Kerrisdale Arena in 1956! He’s been a true friend over the decades, but he tells me he’s had enough of me retiring!

We recorded these promos in his Vancouver office yesterday. Just for “fun” I’ve included a finger-snapping classic C-FUN jingle from the “Go-Go” era in 1966.

Bruce Allen, Pat O’Day and the music we love… a once-in-a lifetime event you won’t want to miss. Sunday, August 27 from 12-4 pm on 650 CISL! Listen anywhere at