CFUN Is Back – Part III

On this day in 1973, CFUN returns to Vancouver — and the good times are back at 1900 West 4th Avenue! #14CFUN‘s Chuck McCoy wraps up a great day:

“By mid-1976 CFUN had the largest radio listenership in the Vancouver area. A true ‘Worst To First’ story.

I have often been asked if I felt any risk in putting all this on the air. Our team on and off-air (and our AM signal) was so strong that I really had no reservations. Deep down my only concern was ‘What if nobody answered their phone with the “phrase that pays”, leaving poor Daryl dialing number after number for hours on end? This is not exactly the definition of great radio!’

On the other hand, I really was terrified that the very first person Daryl called might have the right answer. That would end the promotion in 30 seconds; the definition of ‘anticlimactic’. My fears were unwarranted. The nineteenth call answered correctly and CFUN really was back.

As this new creation took off, I can still hear CFUN’s first record: the unmistakable booming intro to The Doobie Brothers ‘China Grove’.”