Fats Domino Sets A Record

The story has been told many times in the music business of a small label getting started from humble beginnings. Lately many record companies have climbed to the top of the heap and made millions in a very short time. The same thing is true of Imperial Records. Label founder Lew Chudd discovered Fats Domino in New Orleans in 1949.

This month marks the event of 25 million sales of Fats Domino records in North America. Fats has outsold all other singers, including Elvis Presley, by 5 million record sales. Fats has 15 gold records on his mantel at home.

Fats Domino‘s version of “Blueberry Hill”, his biggest seller, sold over 3 million records. Fats has been making records for eight years and this is why his sales outdo Elvis Presley‘s. After eight years we can compare the two on a sales basis. Elvis has gone over the 21 million mark in four years; what will he do in four more?

From my column in The Vancouver Sun, October 11, 1957