Happy Birthday, Michael!

This past Saturday night Carole and I were invited to celebrate Michael BublĂ©‘s 40th birthday. The location for the party was a revitalized heritage building in downtown Vancouver. Michael’s actual birthday is in September but due to commitments it was decided to throw a “surprise” get-together. When he walked in the door he was truly taken aback. We were all there under the guise of seeing Katyann Davidson‘s photographic display, and that is what Michael expected to see.

This party was not for industry people nor for the media, it was decided that Michael would be more comfortable with just his family and friends. People he truly liked filled the room including Jann Arden, Bob Rock and of course members of his traveling band.


We decided to pose for a selfie. Take note of the bright sign on the wall of the hall. It was amazing to meet some of Michael’s friends, whose friendship in some cases went back to kindergarten. If you can judge a man by his family and friends then MIchael is the best. That he is.