June 1, 1986 – Carl Perkins at Expo 86 (1/2)

June 1, 1986 was a big day at Vancouver’s Expo 86 as Carl Perkins kicked off the Legends of Rock’n’Roll – over 40 of the greatest rock’n’roll acts of all time!

Carl Perkins will always be remembered as one of the true rockabilly greats. If he had never written another song after “Blue Suede Shoes” he would be guaranteed a special place in the annals of Rock’n’Roll. Carl died in January 1988 in Jackson, Tennessee. He was 65.

In this episode, Carl recalls the early crossover success of “Blue Suede Shoes”; his 1956 car accident and subsequent recovery; the story behind Elvis‘ cover of “Blue Suede Shoes”; on a 1964 UK tour with Chuck Berry, and Carl meets “them long-haired boys”, The Beatles.First of a series as we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Legends of Rock’n’Roll with our friends at Spotify!