June 1, 1986 – Carl Perkins at Expo 86 (2/2)

June 1, 1986 was a big day at Vancouver’s Expo 86 as Carl Perkins kicked off the Legends of Rock’n’Roll – over 40 of the greatest rock’n’roll acts of all time!

As a deejay I was more than aware of Carl’s talents. Ricky Nelson stated that Carl was one of his favourites as did The Beatles when their careers took off. Rick and the Beatles also recorded many of Carl’s songs on their albums. Here was a true Southern gentleman. This man you could not help but like immediately. He had an engaging personality, and was one hell of a storyteller.

In this episode, Carl visits The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios and records “Honey Don’t”, “Matchbox” and “Everybody’s Tryin’ To Be My Baby”; his enduring friendship with Johnny Cash; how “four old broken down rockabillies” recorded the “Class of ’55” album; a chance to work with Ricky Nelson is cut short by tragedy; Carl wraps up with some inspirational advice.Second of a series as we celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Legends of Rock’n’Roll with our friends at Spotify!