Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers came for two shows at the Red Robinson Show Theatre. He recently had knee replacement and told me that his doctor didn’t want him to continue with this current tour but he insisted. It was amazing to watch him on stage. He still has the humor and the showmanship and when it came to his singing he has still got it. The audience was not disappointed.

We talked about his appearance years ago in Kamloops for the Music ’91 tourism event. That year it was my pleasure to be the official ambassador for the summer-long series. Kenny remembered how the promoter of the event had asked if he was going to stay and sign autographs.

Kenny reflected on his statement at that time which was, “by the time the strains of my last song are drifting into the night I will be on my private jet and flying on to my next engagement.” This was not arrogance, it was necessity as he was in such demand that he had to make it to the next gig by quickly leaving after each show.

His string of hits is amazing and it was fun hearing the crowd sing along to Lucille and The Gambler. These songs have become part of our lives in the past three decades. He was a joy to work with.