Red Around Town: Beatles, Bon Jovi, Bruce Allen, Bublé

The media launch for this year’s PNE was held yesterday with a great turnout. The Fair is as much a part of Vancouver as the Georgia Viaduct, but hopefully they won’t tear the Fair down to make way for condos!

I was honoured to cut the official opening ribbon with President Mike McDaniel. This was the last spot for the Media tour. We had been to see the Dinosaur exhibit and the Super Heroes and so much more, winding up at Exhibition Gardens which houses the most incredible Beatles memorabilia exhibit ever.

I was asked to reflect on the Beatles’ appearance at the PNE 51 years ago at Empire Stadium. I told the crowd about the mayhem and the fact that the Mop Tops got into their limos and sped away to the airport.

This was their first ever concert in Canada. It was also the largest turnout of any concert on the tour. It brought back special memories for me. This display features many unique memorabilia pieces from private collectors who have come together to put on this show. Vancouver was chosen as the launch of this world tour. It is a must see. New Vancouver Police Chief Adam Palmer was there to enjoy the media day and I thank him for the photos.

Credit to Bruce Allen and his Reality Check story on the Jon Bon Jovi mess. The story was picked up by international magazines and music industry bible Billboard. Bruce got a call from Jon Bon Jovi’s manager and the rest is history. What a class act Jon Bon Jovi and his management team are. The same can’t be said for the promoters.

I will be in the studio today interviewing Michael Bublé on the life and times of Frank Sinatra. If Frank had lived he would turn 100 in December. CBS is putting together a show on Frank’s vast influence. They asked Michael to participate and Michael once again honoured me with his request to have me conduct the interview. More details on the CBS special to come.