Requests & Dedications

I have to tell you, you really have me in stitches on a relaxing Sunday (aren’t they all??) while I lay back (a lazy Taurus), enjoying your show! Thank you for sharing your humorous wit, knowledge and experiences with your listening audience, I absolutely love your show.

As I approach turning fff….f…fffff….. *sigh*…. FIFTY (augh!!), I thought it’d be great to do something memorable (for a change!), instead of wearing lampshades or dancing on table tops (they wrote a tequila song for me!). I know it was probably a L-O-N-G time ago YOU turned the big five-O (oops! did I say that???), but if you had it to celebrate over again, what would you do that you wish you had the first time ’round?

I have never gone to a show at any casino theatre and have thought it would be a lot of fun. It just so happens that Paul Anka is playing at the Red Robinson Show Theatre on my b-day (Sat, May 2nd), and what a memorable thing it would be to experience. (I’ll work on my sisters with my tall order!)

Having recently started my life over again, I think you are never too old to be young again! After all, isn’t ‘age’ just a ‘number’? It is my dream one day to meet ‘MY guy’, Neil Diamond as I have this fantasy that we were really meant for each other! (I laugh!) My favourite music is 40s-50s-60’s and I think it’s high time I start getting out and enjoying some live entertainment of so much to choose from in our wonderful city! Maybe one day I’ll even get to meet YOU, the famous guy you are!

Thank you again, for all the feel-good stuff (yah, I’m an English Teacher!), and please keep the wonderful humour and great tunes coming.

Regards and best wishes,
Belinda Beil

Belinda, isn’t it amazing how much humour can help us through life. It wasn’t until later in my life that I realized why some of my friends¬† (for a lifetime) have much in common. They all have humor and laugh a lot.¬† Of course my friends have much to laugh about when they look at me. On the subject of Paul Anka, I must stay he put on one of the most engaging shows I have ever seen. He is not what you expect. This multi-talented performer will have you on your feet applauding. Get tickets now.

Could you please help this 59 year old male, still playing Beatles records, with a bit of info? I have allways heard that the Beatles stopped here in Canada 1st, before they went on to do their US tour. If so, what is the exact dates of their visit or concerts here in Canada? I have the 1964 Vancouver Interviews/Press Conference Record Album with blank labels and very little info. Any info would greatly be appreciated.

Kelvin Bond

Kelvin, go to the library and look up “Our Hearts Went Boom: The Beatles’ Invasion of Canada” published by Viking Press and written by Brian Kendall.¬† All the information you want is in this book.