Roy Orbison’s Final Album Re-Released

Roy Orbison was a good friend. We struck up a friendship when concert business partner Les Vogt and I booked Roy for his first concert outside of the U.S. in 1962. He played the Garden Auditorium at the PNE.

This from Howie Vickers: “I put together a band and we were the opening act for that concert! Dick and Deedee were also on the bill, and Bobby Goldsboro was Roy’s rhythm guitar player. Aaahh memories, a loooonnnnnggg time ago!”

He was one of the most generous and good natured entertainers we had ever met. Les and I loved the guy.

We booked him into Expo ’86 when he was on the comeback trail. He wowed the audience once more.

Interesting news: his sons are going to get together and record one of Roy’s unreleased songs. Roy was a terrific songwriter, singer and friend. I can hardly wait to hear the songs.