The Chords – Sh-Boom

In my December 1958 column in The Vancouver Sun I wrote: “This is contract termination time in New York and Hollywood. This week the Crew Cuts move to RCA Victor from Mercury. The Crew Cuts were responsible for one of the first rock’n’roll songs, ‘Sh-Boom’. They are Canadians and have enjoyed much success in the past few years.”

This move was the end of the Crew Cuts’ careers from a national hit standpoint. They were a fine harmony group but did not push forth with excitement generated by the likes of Elvis, Little Richard or for that matter, Bill Haley and the Comets. They were more reminiscent of the Pop music era of the early Fifties.

How’s this for irony? The Crew Cuts may have faded into obscurity, but the original Chords version of “Sh-Boom” was featured in Pixar‘s 2006 animated movie “Cars”.

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