The Greatest Hits of All Time… on FM

If you tuned in for Red Rock Diner Saturday night you only heard wall-to-wall music and no Red.  The good news is I am moving the show to Sundays from 8am to 2 pm starting next Sunday, October 5.

fm104.9 logo

An advertisement in the Sunday Province said “Now Playing, The Greatest Hits of All Time on fm104.9“. To give you the flavor of the format they’re playing almost uninterrupted hits, but more ingredients will be added quickly to make this the best taste on the radio dial.

I have received many calls and emails today asking if I was going to be the new morning man on 104.9. The answer is “NO!”… I put in 20 years between CKWX and C-ISL doing mornings and enjoyed it all, but tired of the crazy hours and lack of a social life. When major changes like this occur there are many rumors, and this is one rumor that I can quickly squash right here and now.

I look forward to a return to Sundays, but especially to be a part of an FM station that will play mostly music from the past. I always felt and stated over the years that if we are ever given the opportunity in Canada to play our music on FM it will be a winning format. Why hasn’t it happened until now? The answer lies with the CRTC and their regulations on playing hit to non-hit quotas.  This prevents a “gold”, jazz or classical format, or any original and unique programming concept.

Canadian Content is a good thing and a bad thing. Good… because we needed it thirty years ago and there should be some content regulations for playing it on contemporary stations because they have a lot to choose from. Bad… because Cancon did not come into being until 1970 and before that date we had a limited supply of Canadian recordings. Applying marketing board rules and regulations to radio entertainment makes no sense, and I believe much of this is being reviewed by our broadcast overseers in Ottawa.

I hope you will join me from 8am to 2pm Sundays on fm 104.9 for The Greatest Hits of All Time.