Tim Allen, Boz Scaggs at the “Red”

Another busy weekend at the Red Robinson Show Theatre. Friday night saw the arrival of Tim Allen, back on stage to do stand-up after an absence of some years. Tim is best known for the TV series Home Improvement.  Tim also is  the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Disney series Toy Story.  It was  fascinating  to introduce him because as Tim took to the stage the latest movie, Toy Story 3 opens across North America at the same time. Tim is no stranger to Vancouver, having worked on the Santa Claus movies here. He referred to our rainy climate in his on-stage routine. A  versatile actor who has seen great success.

Saturday night it was  Boz Scaggs and his  magical music. I say this because he displays such elegance as a performer and his music is varied, covering blues, pop, disco, and jazz-rock. The Vancouver International Jazz  Festival should consider bringing him in! At one time William Royce  Scaggs was the vocalist for the Steve Miller Band. He got the name Boz while attending a private school in Dallas. A schoolmate nicknamed him “Bosley” and it was later shortened to Boz.

It has been  quite a weekend. Carole and I are off to the Penticton Elvis Festival this weekend.

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