Wayne Cox: Tribute To A Pro

I remember first hearing Wayne Cox on CKNW when Hal Davis brought him in from the Interior. I thought he had the highest voice In radio. Wayne will admit that he hadn’t developed his voice yet. However, he was always entertaining, always productive and the most affable guy in our business. He graduated from CKNW to television. I don’t know how many shows he was featured on but the Vancouver Show on CKVU was live every weeknight and everyone on the show worked their tails off. It was a most interesting experiment and showcased Vancouver like no station has since. Wayne was featured on many commercials over the years and continues to this day.

I most remember Wayne as a game show host. He was one of the best in North America. I really believe that he could have gone on to great fame because he was a natural.  I had this confirmed by Wink Martindale who mentioned Wayne in his autobiography. Wayne’s problem was that he was in Vancouver and Toronto paid no attention. They continue this practice to this very day. Ask most performers and they will tell you to get the hell out of town if you want to grow. Michael J. Fox is a prime example. Wayne stayed at home and crafted a career on Global TV as a weatherman replacing Norm Grohman. He just hung up his thermometer but insists he will still be active in the business. I certainly hope so. Wayne Cox is a great talent.

Here’s a great tribute to Wayne on Global TV’s News Hour on Friday:

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