Bublé Hosts, Buzz Signs Off

Michael Bublé hosting the Junos? He must be getting a kick out of doing it. Who would have thought years ago that this young saloon singer and performer in the Arts Club Theatre production of Red Rock Diner would someday be admired from coast to coast and around the globe. He never gave up reaching for the brass ring and now it is his. We all wish him luck and look forward to seeing him host Canada’s biggest music show.

Former C-FUN Good Guy Brian “Buzz” Leboe has died. Buzz started at C-FUN in 1962 and returned to 1410 in 1982. He was a solid deejay who never caused me any grief. He was usually reliable and respectful of me as his program director.

Here is a photo of Buzz that many of his friends would like to see: Buzz (far right), me, and C-FUN sales guys Ken McDonald and Bob Young holding up a train behind the station when they still ran trains down the Arbutus corridor.

Buzz had great talent, but in my opinion he was humble about it. He never achieved what I believe he could have with his natural talent… but who am I to judge? He did what he thought best over the years. Rest in peace, old friend.