C-FUN Memories from Johanne

Hi Red, I was going through my trunk and found a high school essay I did in 1965 (or around there). You were kind enough to give me an interview, plus – to my thrill – allow me to answer phones as I was also a president of the Bobby Curtola Fan Club. Just for your interest, this may bring back some memories. I did get an A. Here’s my essay:

C-FUN is British Columbia’s own and best radio station. It is one of the oldest radio stations in B.C. It changed in early fifties and began a new concept in programming three years ago. That is when Dave McCormick, Frosty Forst, Brian Lord and Al Jordan began. C-FUN makes daily contacts with local ambulance services, search and rescue parties, police, hospitals and political leaders. This is known as “The Canadian Press News Service”. Also they have centres in all capitals of Canada and all neighbouring cities.

The staff is made up of twenty-five people, including radio announcers, salesmen and office staff. Salesmen make regular trips to sponsors every day from which they get contract orders from commercials. the commercials range from ten seconds to one minute long. When it arrives the commercial copy is sent to the announcers. It might be sent to the production department which makes up commercials to be recorded.

C-FUN bumper sticker

Thousands of letters enter C-FUN each day containing either good or bad comments which are taken into careful consideration. These are sorted and issued to various departments. The manager of C-FUN is Doug Grieg. The assistant manager is Don McDonald. Al Jordan is the production manager and Red Robinson is the program director. There is a ten thousand watt transmitter connected in Richmond.

Disc jockeys control the electrical console. It has a microphone, three turntables and a tape recorder. From the station the broadcast goes over the telephone lines to the transmitter. The traffic manager is the person who logs times for each commercial The copywriter writes the commercials. There are three engineers who make sure the equipment is in perfect working condition. The C-FUN disc jockeys names are Red Robinson, Al Jordan, Ron Grimster, Frosty Forst and Tom Peacock. C-FUN‘s music varies, they have flashbacks and current music. C-FUN is the busiest station across B.C. helping their listeners enjoy the prepared programs with pleasure.

Not a literary wonder, probably received a good grade as the teacher was impressed that I went to the trouble of getting an actual interview.

I hope you have recovered from your surgery without problem.

Always a fan,

Johanne, what incredible memories of the great days at C-FUN. Many of the folks you listed are sadly gone. Those were some of the best days of my life. Thank you for sharing them with me.

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