Gordon Lightfoot At The “Red”

It was indeed a night to remember with Canadian music icon Gordon Lightfoot at the Red Robinson Show Theatre. I hadn’t seen Gordon for years. I reminded him of our first meeting in Toronto back in 1957 on the CBC-TV show Cross Canada Hit Parade. In those days the corporation would bring in deejays from other parts of Canada. I was  flown in from Vancouver along with a young deejay named Rich Little from Ottawa and CHUM/Toronto morning man Al Boliska. Gordon was one of the singers in the chorus.

We rehearsed for two days and then went “live” coast-to-coast on the network. After rehearsals we would go to the Riverboat Club where Gordon would get up on stage and perform with his guitar. Who would have known from those early days that he would have this incredible career path? His poetry set to music is among the best on the planet.

I found him to be a gentle soul who just lives to perform and even after some serious health issues during this decade he has recovered and continues on his musical journey. It was a packed house with many trying to buy last-minute-tickets, to no avail.

It was my pleasure to introduce him on stage wearing my Red’s Classic Theatre jacket. I had been greeting patrons in the lobby of the theatre with cameras to record greetings to KVOS-TV on the occasion of their 60th birthday.