Is There A Doctor In The House?

Just before leaving for a European vacation, I was informed by University of the Fraser Valley that I had been selected to receive an honorary degree. The day wasn’t about me, it was about the more than 1,000 graduating students. I aimed my speech directly at them and I hope they liked it. My brother Bill joined me as did close friend Phil Mackesy.

I can’t explain my joy at receiving this prestigious award and how humbling it is. I never set out to win awards, I always lived by my grandfather’s wise advice passed on to me when I was 18 and received my first award: top deejay in the Pacific Northwest from the Province newspaper.

My grandfather said wisely, “Son, honour seeks the man, the man does not seek the honour.” Many thanks to the faculty at UFV including President Mark Evered, Chancellor Brian Minter, Alumni Association chair Tony Luck and many others. Thank you for recognizing me.