Jerri Adams: Voice Of An Angel


In 1955 Frankie Laine asked me if I would help promote Jerri Adams, a singer he had discovered. Frankie brought her to town and the next thing I knew I was making appearances with her at the Orpheum Theatre and at various local record stores. The purpose was to launch Jerri’s career and she brought along a magazine photographer to follow her every move while in Vancouver.

Jerri had a velvety tone to her voice. We referred to this type of singing as “torch” back in the day. She was basically a jazz singer but she could work any genre of music.

Her first big Columbia hit was It’s Cool Inside. My personal favourite is Moonlight In Vermont. It is so descriptive when you sit back and listen to Jerri’s voice and Percy Faith‘s lush arrangement. 

Looking at this photo reminds me of a few things: I was young once, and in this picture I am just 17. You’ve gotta love the sport jacket, by the way it was highlighted with green thread! I wish I had one of those microphones today. It was a Western Electric 633A and we referred to it as a Salt Shaker mike. I interviewed Jerri for CJOR’s Theme For Teens program back in September 1955 and you can listen by clicking below:

This was another snapshot in my career, but I remember it clearly as if it were yesterday. Another page of great memories, and for this one I can thank the late Frankie Laine for getting me involved.

Whatever happened to Jerri? She recorded for Columbia until 1959, when she married Columbia’s Cincinnati branch manager Art Miller. She was comfortable enough to end her professional career and raise their two daughters.

Connecticut blogger and family friend Josh Burker interviewed Jerri back in 2008 and he tells the story here.

I am truly sad to recently discover Jerri passed away in Seattle last year at 84. You may never have heard of her, but she could have been a major recording star. Experience the amazing voice of Jerri Adams here: