Jim MacDonald “On The Spot”

Here is newsman Jim MacDonald in the CKWX news car. My guess is from 1957 or 1958. Jim was the newsman who helped me create the “whale on the beach” prank in 1958. 15,000 people showed up at Sunset Beach trying to see the fantasy whale. It cost me my job, as I was fired that night but thankfully rehired the next morning.

Jim came here from New Zealand. He played piano on board ship to pay for his passage. He was known to play at the Smilin’ Buddha nightclub on weekends. He was a great reporter. Fearless you might say. He later hosted a talk show on CKWX with the late Bob Bye. Jim is alive and well and attends our radio get together each spring and fall.

Update: Old radio pal Jim Morrison says: “The car is a ’64 Merc. I stole it from the ‘WX basement late one night to head up to Hollyburn Mountain with one of the newsroom radios to do live reports on the fire that burned down the upper chairlift station. They never rebuilt it. Notice what’s across the street from ‘WX on Burrard Street in the days before Downtown Toyota. Houses!!!”