Kris Kristofferson At The “Red”

Saturday July 13 was a special night at the Red Robinson Show Theatre with the appearance of Kris Kristofferson. Kris is a poet like Bob Dylan — singing is not his strong suit but it matters not. Here is the man who created some  wonderful songs: Johnny Cash’s Sunday Morning Coming Down, Help Me Make It Through The Night for Sammi Smith, For the Good Times for Ray Price and many more.

Kris is a good-natured guy who, it seems to me, looks at life philosophically. We took a walk down memory lane with thoughts of Johnny Cash. I showed Kris this photo of Cash and myself taken in 1959. He was surprised that I had known him that long.
Kris was accompanied on the trip by his daughter Kelly who joins him on stage for a few numbers and plays a banjo (one of the most difficult of instruments to master). It was my pleasure to introduce my daughter Kellie to her and we all had a laugh at the coincidence.

Kris and I compared ages and when we discovered that I was a year younger he said, “It is always wise to be respectful of your elders.” A great time with a great icon. He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word. He is also a fine actor, having appeared in A Star Is Born opposite Barbra Streisand, Blade with Wesley Snipes, the JFK drama Flashpoint and others. A great talent.