No More FUN At The Red Rock Diner?

First, thank you for your emails and phone calls!

As you know, Red Rock Diner is no longer on FUN FM, but then… FUN FM is no more. It all happened suddenly and my only regret is I didn’t have the opportunity to say goodbye. Radio is and always has been my first love, outside of my family of course, and for the first time in my long career, I find myself without a home for my radio show. I also thank you for allowing me into your life over these many decades. It is an honour to perform for you. Hopefully I will find a new home for the show in the coming weeks.

It has been a great disappointment to me personally and professionally. However, Rogers has treated me with respect and the departure has been fair.

I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for me and the show. Hearing from so many fans and friends has been heartwarming. I would also like to thank the many professionals who have sent me messages of support. Radio pros like Fred Latremouille, Tom Jeffries and a host of others conveyed their wishes for my continued career. Fred had a great line when he quoted baseball great Satchel Paige: “Let the ball come to you”, referring to the fact that I won’t have to look for a new home, someone will approach me to continue. Thanks Fred, I appreciate that statement more than you know and I hope you are right.

I will miss the many good people I worked with at Rogers. I saw a bumper sticker years ago that said “Old deejays never die, they just change frequencies.”

I’m so heart broken that 104.9 Fun fm is no longer on the radio! And I missed you on Sunday!

Are you going to be be on another station? I’m crossing my fingers that Fun Fm will return as the new station Sonic is sucky. It’s exactly the same as the Beat 94.5. I absolutely loved the music that Fun played. And I won’t be switching back to Jack Fm as Larry and Willy annoy me. Fun had the BEST DJ’s. Now it’s back to channel suffering 🙁

Thanks for the great music Red


Yesterday, August 20, I tuned into 104.9 on the radio and on the web and found Sonic – not quite prepared for this – but what I was definitely not prepared for was not finding you on Sunday morning.  I just love your show and on reading your web site I see it was a quick departure.  I am so sorry that this happened, especially when you would have liked the opportunity to say goodbye to your listeners and have us say a fond goodbye to you.

Yes, the ball will come to you Red; you are too important and too well-regarded a person not to find “a home” very soon.  When you do, I will welcome you into my home, and know I will continue to enjoy your show, selection of fine music and interviews.

Thanks again Red, from CISL to CFUN, you have been and still are a great host to many listeners. God bless you,


With the unfortunate demise of CFUN-FM, what happens to the Red Rock Diner? I look forward every Sunday morning to hearing your voice and the great music. I hope you can find another “venue” for your show, it is timeless (kind of like you!).

I guess it was a plain and simple business decision to drop the format in favour of music for the younger crowd.

I did notice that in the ratings CFUN had dropped to 2.9% in June from 5.3% last December. Interesting that CFMI holds firm around 8% and Jack hovers around 6.5 and neither of these stations were as listenable as CFUN. And both these stations purport to be “like” CFUN but there aren’t.

My girlfriend and I will miss you on Sunday mornings and hope that your show resurfaces soon! All the best!


Those guys that changed the station are out to left field. I completely turned off their station, I listen to 103.5 now. I do hope you find a  new home for your wonderful program.


I turned on the Hi Fi this morning to listen to the Red Rock Diner and zilch??  At first I thought it was a equipment malfunction as all of my Hi Fi equipment is vintage although it has been updated and repaired as needed. I turned to my back up Marantz and still no Red Rock Diner.  Could 104.9 be off air due to a malfunction? After checking in to your web site and finding that he Diner was  no more, this was really a major disappointment. I really enjoyed your show and it was the only radio show that I would turn off my satellite radio to listen to. I will really miss it and hopefully it will on somewhere else in the future. Best regards and thanks for all the interesting entertainment,

Bill Walker

So disappointed to hear that those clowns at 104.9 pulled the plug on your show, and I echo the sentiments of many of your listeners, and those of us who “understand” the music that you played, that this is really disappointing.  Many years ago you told me that most oldies stations “had it wrong” with music choices, playing the same top 10 songs over and over instead of seeking the true nostalgia music, and you had that down pat… looking forward to “the ball coming to you” again soon.  Take care!


We are very sorry to have lost our radio station and we loved your Sunday show.  Will we be able to catch you anywhere else? We hope so.

John & Maureen

Miss you on Sunday, it’s not a Sunday when I can’t hear you. Let me know if you go to another station, good luck what ever happens. Have been with you from way back.


8.17 am Sunday morning and I just found out the news of your show ending. Your show was the only reason I would get up early on Sunday so I’m going back to bed. I think they have made a huge mistake by dismissing us old timers as not important enough to keep our music alive. You can imagine how fast I turned off the Rapper who was going on about something or other. That is definitely not music and I don’t believe it will endure and definitely will not last like Rock and Roll. I and all my friends will wait impatiently for your next show to appear on some more enlightened radio station. Cheers,


We’re so sorry we cannot listen to the Red Rock Diner this morning.  It was a huge surprise the format change that took place at FUN FM.  Hope you find a new home on the radio, soon.  Will be monitoring the web site for news on your search for a home!

Bruce and Helen Clarke

What happened to our 104.9 music – it was so awesome.  Please come back wherever you are!


I am an avid listener to your Sunday show on 104.9 Fun FM. With the new format change; will the show still be on this station? If not, where can we tune in to hear you?

Laura Reid

When you left 650 CISL, I followed The Red Rock Diner to FUN FM.  Your music, stories of stars — both past and present, music trivia, and sense of humour make for a great way to spend part of my Sunday.  I wish you well and fervently hope that you find a new home for your show, and soon.  I will miss your presence on the air and will check your website for news of a new home.

Thank-you for all you shared with us, especially the music, and I wish you all the best.

Rhonda Morley

I was wondering if you will still have your program on Sundays. I have been listening for a long time, and really enjoy your show.

Bob Lindholm

I am wondering what is happening to your Sunday radio show now that C-FUN has changed its format. I stuck it out for a few songs but… no thank you! I really can’t stand hip hop or its hybrid, with all of the talking in songs. Boring!

Are you shifting stations or is something else in the works?

Sarah Wilson

Been listening to you since the 60’s.  Love your work, keep it up.

I was on your CBC Trivia program twice and was wondering if there are any videos of that show available.

Would love to show my grandchildren.

Also, now that FUN FM has changed, where will we find your Sunday show?

Thanks for all the memories.

Patrick Maguire

We have been listeners to C-FUN for ages and are aghast that it should have changed–where will we find you on Sundays?  We grew up in Ladysmith and went to Duncan to dances where you played the records we so enjoyed dancing to–still do as a matter of fact, just here in Courtenay!

They can put Jack ‘back in the box’ as far as we are concerned!!

Thanks for giving us so much listening pleasure!

Ruth Turner

Love listening to your Sunday broadcasts on funfm.  What happened to the format, got a shock this morning when I tuned in?  Are you going to be on the air somewhere else with Red Rock Diner?

Kathy Fraser

I have just discovered that 104.9 has been bought by Jack FM or someone. And I am wondering if you will still be on that radio station on Sundays? If not, could you let me know where you are?

Kathy Judd

Now that Fun FM has changed its format I am wondering where you will be on Sundays.  Hopefully you are still doing your show.

A loyal listener.

Terry Owen

WOW I used to be in your fan club and have followed you for years now the big problem what am i going to do for my Sunday mornings and the rest of the week without Fun FM. I am trying Jack FM out and just not the same. I loved all your announcers and will miss them. Can  you direct me to another station like Fun FM???   CRYING IN MY A&W ROOTBEER, thanks and take care

Diana Toutant

I was sorry to hear that Fun FM 104.9 is no more. I liked the station & format better than 96.5.  I looked forward to your show every Sunday AM out in my shop while working on my hot rod.  I love the selection of music and the history tid-bits.  I call it Cuz’n tunes and it has become part of my weekly R&R in the shop.

I hope I can still tune into you each week here in the lower mainland.  If I can would you let me know where & when please.

Thank you for all the enjoyable radio since I moved to Vancouver in 1979 and in the future.

Brad Allore

Thought I would drop you a line.  I and many others are disappointed that the Classic Rock Station CFUN FM 104.9 has been shut down and replaced with Jack FM.  It was great when CFUN was reintroduced and it has been a very enjoyable station. We all have thoroughly enjoyed Kelly and Pam; Terry Chan; Tarzan Dan and of course you and your Sunday Show.  It was great having you all on the air also great having a Classic Rock Station on the FM dial in Vancouver.

Just wondering what will be happening to your show and that of the others.  Sending you – All the Best.

Barbara Kent

Help!  Where am I supposed to go for the classic music I used to enjoy on 104.9?

Is the Red Rock Diner closed for good?

Alex McGowan

Red please pass on the radio station we will be able to listen to Red Rock Dinner on now that we have been left adrift by FUN FM. Loved listening to you on Sunday mornings

Larry and Pat

Just heard that FUN FM is toast, too bad…

Any idea where your awesome show is going to end up?  I’ll really miss you if your program is not picked up. Thanks for everything you’ve done youngster…

Tony Mortimer

With 104.9 gone where will the Red Rock Diner be on Sunday mornings?


I hope that the Red Rock Diner resurfaces on another Vancouver radio property. A group of us were discussing the show last Sunday!

I exchanged some notes with Greg Douglas this morning. At that time he wasn’t aware of the 104.9 developments.

It was my thinking that the station was going all-sports but in re-reading the note put out by the station it does indeed seem we will be getting the Sonic programming. The station tried something similar with the X-format several years back… that proved to be a failure.

Here’s hoping your absence is very short-lived.

Peter Vogel

Well we got the unfortunate news this morning that fun FM will be no longer.

So with all the great music, will you pop up anywhere?

I guess for us 50 plus types, the good music of the 50’s and 60’s is just disappearing from the air waves.

Dean Tkatschow