Paul Rodgers, Three Dog Night, Cheech & Chong At The “Red”


What a week at the Red Robinson Show Theatre. September 18 Paul Rodgers rocked it out with the band he originally created, Bad Company. Paul is an all ’round talent. He sings, he plays piano and is an excellent rock writer. He still maintains homes in British Columbia but is constantly on the road. The full house at the theatre was on its feet applauding this incredible rocker. For many years Paul fronted Queen replacing the late Freddie Mercury. The band selected Paul because of their admiration for his style.


September 20 at the “Red” it was Three Dog Night with original creator Danny Hutton fronting the band. You forget how many hits they have charted over the years: on the Billboard singles list alone they charted 21, including classics such as Joy to the World, One, Celebrate and Never Been to Spain. Danny and I talked about our Irish heritage and he told me is a now a dual citizen of Ireland and the United States. He said he never tires of the music and still gets a thrill when the audience sings along with the hits.


To wrap up this incredible week it was Cheech and Chong, still going strong after all these years. I jokingly referred to them as “the original Doobie Brothers“. Both were in great form and did not disappoint. You may not know that Tommy still retains a home on the North Shore. You may not also know that he was part of a trio in the sixties with Bobby Taylor of The Vancouvers and guitarist Jimi Hendrix. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong revolutionized the world of comedy inspiring the likes of Chris Rock, Craig Ferguson and Adam Sandler to name but a few. It was a smokin’ show… if you know what I mean.

Many thanks to the Georgia Straight for naming the Red Robinson Show Theatre “The Best Place to Hear Classic Rock In The Suburbs” in their annual Best of Vancouver survey. However I would like to correct the writer who made this statement: “Red Robinson, a veteran local broadcaster-turned-guy-they-named a venue after, made his name in the 50s spinning the latest Elvis Presley tunes, we presume. So he might not be a huge fan of the ’70s and ’80s era acts that frequent Coquitlam’s Red Robinson Show Theatre.”

Wrong. I was emcee for the Beatles and many other acts who appeared here in the ’70s. As the first deejay to play rock and roll music in Canada I was recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland in 1995. Over the years I have played Three Dog Night, Loverboy, The Guess Who, BTO, CCR, The Rolling Stones and the list goes on and on. I believe the young man just doesn’t know much about my history… but thanks for the honour.