Red Around Town, July 21

I’ve been hosting Red’s Reunion on Global TV’s Morning News for almost four years. It gives me an opportunity to interview celebrities and hopefully draw out some interesting material. The feature has proven very popular.

Manhattan Transfer

In recent weeks I had the pleasure of talking with The Manhattan Transfer who played at the Centre for the Performing Arts. The group is famous for hits like Route 66, Operator, and The Boy From New York City. They can handle pop as well as jazz offerings. Amazingly, the the same band members have been together since 1972.

Emily Osment

Emily Osment is the sister of Oscar-nominated actor Haley Joel Osment (Sixth Sense) and became a household name with her steady role as a friend of Hannah Montana on the highly successful Disney series. She is now turning to a recording career to add to her acting abilities. I found her to be a most engaging young lady with a great future ahead. She was in town as part of the Soda Pop 2010 Tour that appeared across Canada this past spring.

Black-Eyed Peas

The Black Eyed Peas are sometimes referred to as “The Most Corporate Band in America” because of their ability to have all their shows sponsored. They appeared at GM Place (now Rogers Arena) in late April. The band consists  of Stacey Ferguson, also known as Fergie, Will I. Am, Taboo and This outstanding band has won 6 Grammy awards over the years. They took part in the recent World Cup of Football in South Africa as headline performers. To give you an indication of their popularity, their last CD End sold over 23 million copies worldwide.

Michael Bublé

What can I say about Michael Bublé? This is his year. He was huge at the Junos, his current tour is sold out everywhere he appears and his music continues to ripen with age. Carole and I drove to Portland to join our daughter Kellie, who lives there, and take in Michael’s concert in  the Rose City.

"Bublé & Ham"

Backstage Michael and I goofed off as witnessed by my wife and daughter. His stage presentation is light years from his last series of concerts with special effects and classic props. Yes, he is still Michael Bublé, boy singer from Burnaby who loves hockey.

Gary Russell, George Johns, Me, "Doc" Harris

Two weeks ago four old radio guys met at Cardero’s restaurant: former Virgin/CISL GM Gary Russell, highly successful programming consultant George Johns, myself and “Doc” Harris.  We spent most of the afternoon reminiscing about the halycon days of radio.

Me, Carole, Tammy Weis

While in London, England, Carole and I met up with Vancouver jazz chanteuse Tammy Weis. Tammy’s new release Where I Need To Be is getting a lot of airplay in London. She has some of the city’s best jazz musicians backing her up and the material is fresh and original.  This photo shows the three of us on a London street.

All in all a very busy time with more to come!