Red Around Town, October 2010

Some shots taken last week in Maui. I love this tropical paradise and when visiting we always head out to D.T. Fleming Beach, rated one of the best beaches in the world.  The surf  was hitting the beach on the curl of 12 foot waves. It was exciting.

This painting of me appears alongside many other Vancouver personalities on Beatty Street across from the Armory. The mural, which stretches for a city block, was discovered by Carole and my daughter Kellie as they were walking down the street. Kellie said, “Look Mom, there’s Dad’!” Carole said, “I don’t see him!” Kellie then pointed  to the wall. I had not been notified of this but would like to thank  the people involved for including me.

The photo was taken  in 1956 in the main studio of CJOR when it was located in the  Grosvenor Hotel on Howe Street. Isn’t it fascinating, the radio  station is long gone, the hotel is but a memory and the large mural depicting me in my youth as a rock and roll rebel is on a wall that  surrounded the former bus depot which is no longer there.

My heartfelt best wishes to Chuck Davis, who has been given but a short time to live. I talked with Chuck upon my return from vacation and he was in good spirits, facing the reality of his own mortality. Chuck has done  more to preserve the history of this town in the past 30 years than  anyone I can think of. His legacy will be the many books he has published on the subject and his obvious love of our town. He is an  inspiration.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson declared October 5 as “Chuck Davis Day” to recognize Chuck’s accomplishments. Chuck’s daughter Stephanie accepted the declaration on his behalf:

Chuck was a guest on CKNW‘s Christy Clark show recently. Click the CKNW logo to listen:

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During the past few weeks many personalities have passed into history:

Stephen J. Cannell, writer and TV producer who is more responsible than anyone for bringing Vancouver into the film and television forefront, has died at 69. He was responsible for shows such as The “A” Team, 21 Jump Street and so many more. He also put up his own money to open the North Shore Studios. Without his vision that facility would never have happened.

Flags flew at half mast throughout metro Vancouver over the  weekend to honour the memory of former Burnaby mayor Alan Emmott, who passed away at the age of 89. I had the pleasure of meeting Alan on many occasions as he was a personal friend of my mentor, former deejay Jack Cullen. Alan also appeared at our ceremony saluting Jack at the Brentwood Mall in Burnaby upon Jack’s death. A plaque was placed in the mall just outside of Jack’s record store and studio. Alan was a special man with a  quick wit. He will be missed.

Actor Tony Curtis has died at the age of 85. Best remembered for  movies such as Some Like It Hot, the star was also a serious  painter. I had a chance to meet with him during an exhibition of his paintings in Whistler a few years back.

Singer Eddie Fisher has also died. He was the heartthrob of pre-rock and roll teenagers. When he married Debbie Reynolds in the early Fifties the event was  big news. Eddie made headlines again when he married Elizabeth Taylor, only to lose her to actor Richard  Burton. Eddie’s career took a nosedive at this point and he never  recovered from it. He charted 60 hits in Billboard from 1950 to the end of the decade.

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