Red Rock Diner Serves Up The Memories!


Red Rock Diner, the musical based on my early days in radio in Vancouver, is running until November 22. Check here for the tour schedule. Great reaction so far, and the Arts Club folks passed along this email from Leigh-Anne Lightbown:

“My sister and I saw the Red Rock Diner last night at the Clarke Theatre in Mission.

We went not knowing what to expect, and we were completely blown out of the water. All the performers were so talented, and the music was unbelievably nostalgic. I was not born in that era, but I grew up listening to all this music through my Grandparents, parents and extended family.

It was so wonderfully interactive, and I had the pleasure of being able to participate in the musical chairs portion on stage. What a wonderfully silly, and absolutely fantastic surprise.

Everyone we encountered from the box office attendants, to the ushers, to the performers, were gracious, kind and helpful.

A few years back, I had the pleasure of meeting Red Robinson at an event for the Guinness Book of Records. I was able to take a picture and have a little chat with him. He was so kind to me and I will never forget that moment. Seeing pictures from his younger days, and getting to take a small glimpse into his history, was such a humbling and awe-inspiring experience, and one that I will not soon forget.

Thank you for sharing this story, and music, with us, and all the others that attended last night.”

Thanks Leigh-Anne, sharing my story and all that great music is fun for me too! Special thanks to playwright Dean Regan and the wonderful Red Rock Diner cast and crew for an amazing show. Glad you liked it!