Reditorial: Canucks 1, Mayor 0

Help identify the people behind the Vancouver riots at

Vancouver should be proud of the effort of the Vancouver Canucks. The war zone created by drunken, doped-up clowns after the game is typical of the mindset of goons. The Mayor of Vancouver is partially responsible for this mayhem as he did not provide a big enough police presence. He seems to be too busy asking people to grow wheat where their lawns now stand. He loves chickens in backyards, bike lanes, grass on the roofs of downtown buildings and he supports every half-baked special interest group.

How about taking care of the security of people and business, Mayor Mayhem? I expect all those identified as responsible for the mess to get minimum sentences and not go to jail, and I expect the Civil Liberties lobby to accuse the police of brutality.  Our City Hall is really Fantasyland and getting worse every day.

On the positive side, thanks to the many volunteers who came downtown to help clean up the mess. And thanks to the Canucks for taking us to the Stanley Cup in the first place.

I can hardly wait for the Mayor and the Council to come up with a bunch of lame excuses. If we can’t count on our leaders to be at the forefront of law and order, who can we count on? 100 cops for 100,000 fans is not going to get the job done. The Olympics had 9,000 cops and the audience was family-oriented. The crowd that stayed back to cause problems after the Canucks game were mostly under 30 and planning for trouble. Some even had gas masks and Molotov cocktails at the ready. This was hardly spontaneous. It is reported that some of these goons cased the London Drugs store before trashing it later and causing a million dollars in damage.  When the final total comes in it will run in the millions.

It could have been prevented.