Theme For Teens, 1955

The new reality about radio is that the business has changed. At one time radio was a business and it was fun. Today it is just another item on a massive list of properties owned by corporations. And it is just a business, period.

Looking back over my own career, I came across a series of photos from the golden age of the deejays. As I look at these photos taken in 1955 I can’t help but wonder what the girls look like today and how they fared.

CJOR was headquartered in the basement of the Grosvenor Hotel with a radio theatre located across Howe Street where Robson Square is today. The radio theatre provided for an audience of 125 and was known for its national broadcast of Town Meeting In Canada. CJOR was affiliated with the Dominion Network of the CBC.

My afternoon teen show was called Theme for Teens. The name was owned by CJOR so when I left to go to CKWX in 1957 I had to come up with a new name for the show. I stole Alan Freed‘s TV show title Teen Canteen.

I have always been a promotion minded guy and it was my idea to hold a cheerleaders contest. It was outrageously successful. Let me walk you through the photos.

The actual crest worn by my show’s cheerleaders.

The winning team from West Van High and this photo was shot in the auditorium.  We taped the cheers and the presentation in advance for my radio show.  I wonder… whatever happened to the trophy?

Inside the radio studio on Howe Street. It gives you an idea of how radio worked before television came along. Some would remember Dance Party on CHAN-TV (now Global TV). It really started here as far as the concept went. As a sidebar I was turned down as host of Dance Party because station manager Ray Peters  thought I was too rock and roll and would attract only motorcycle types. Instead the show went to Barrie Clark, who was a talk show host and later an MLA in Victoria.  After Barrie followed a line-up of hosts including Tom Peacock, Fred Latremouille and Buddy Clyde.

Theme for Teens cheerleaders at the Sunset Community Centre where I did the show “live” on Friday afternoon with a thousand kids in attendance. My special guest was Guy Mitchell ( Singing the BluesRockabilly, and more). Guy loved being there and was most cordial.  Needless to say the girls were thrilled to pose with him.

Me with two 7UP girls on stage at the Sunset Community Centre.

In the CJOR Studios with a giant 7UP bottle. It was too heavy to lift and take a sip! I believe these ladies were from Sutherland High.

Cheerleaders from John Oliver High

I hope you enjoyed this visual trip down Memory Lane!