Whitesnake At The “Red”


They came, they saw and they conquered. When the British rock band Whitesnake took to the stage of the Red Robinson Show Theatre they performed to a sold-out eager crowd of mostly head-bangers.  The show was lively and did not disappoint. Whitesnake was formed by David Coverdale back in 1978 shortly after leaving the band Deep Purple. Yes, band members have come and gone over the years but David carries on and the audience loved every moment. They also presented some of their greatest album hits such as Come And Get It, Here I Go Again and Is This Love, to list but a few. The crowd loved it and sang along because they knew all the parts. Very seldom do you see line-ups for merchandise but the show was delayed until everyone got their souvenir piece of the band. I can’t say this is my cup of tea but I do appreciate their professionalism and they have obviously been doing something right or they wouldn’t command an audience after all these years. At any rate it was a great experience by a group of truly talented musicians.