Beach Boys Thrill at PNE


Had a special experience at the PNE with the Beach Boys. Carole and I had tickets to their show at the fair and we visited with them once again. Mike Love greeted us and a conversation began. They were just finishing their dinner and Bruce Johnston joined us. Carole made a request for her favourite Beach Boys song, In My Room.

Unfortunately it was not on their list of songs to perform.

Half way through their concert Mike Love dedicated Why Do Fools Fall in Love, a 1956 hit for Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers to me, pointing me out in the audience. Needless to say I was thrilled. Three songs later they said that they had a request for In My Room and they dedicated it to Carole! She was amazed and thrilled by this.

It was a nice thing to do in both instances. The Beach Boys put on a great show with some of the best video effects I have seen. Their drummer is Tom Cowsill from the Cowsills singing act. A wonderful evening.