Good Guys, Then and Now

Years ago in the sixties I took the C-FUN Good Guys out to the steps of the radio station on 4th Avenue for a photo. We were all wearing our Fun Bug sweatshirts. Those were happy days. The original photo pictured the late Al Jordan and Tom Peacock, along with Ed Kargl, who left radio shortly after to pursue other opportunities. Fred Latremouille, Frosty, Ed and myself are survivors of that photo.

Pictured in this 2009 photo are C-FUN on-air personalities, most of whom were with the station prior to 1962.

photo: Joy Metcalfe

This was the original team of Good Guys: program director Dave McCormick, Frosty Forst, Cameron Bell, Mike Powley, Brian Lord and Jerry Lee Landa. What a great idea and great memories. Congratulations guys on keeping the memories alive.