Wayne Brady at the “Red”

photo: Steven Pesant

Wayne Brady appeared at the Red Robinson Show Theatre September 18. I interviewed Wayne for my Wednesday morning Global TV appearance at 8:15. He has a new daytime CBS quiz show. Let’s Make A Deal, The original show, videotaped at one time in Vancouver, will take on a new life with Wayne. It is interesting that two of the stars of Whose Line Is it Anyway? have daytime quiz shows. Drew Carrey is host of Bob Barker’s The Price Is Right and of course now Wayne with his show.

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Wayne tells me that series creator Monty Hall is supervising this production and is a gem to work with. I can second that emotion as I know Monty and worked with him years ago on some Nissan commercials in Canada. Wayne has also been nominated for a Grammy for his new version of the 1964 Sam Cooke hit A Change Is Gonna Come. Wayne also works 4 nights a week in Las Vegas headlining his own show at the Venetian Hotel on the strip. This man has so much going it is a wonder he is sane. I have never met such a multi-talented man, and I compared him to the late Sammy Davis Jr. who was without question one of the great performers of the 20th century. Sammy could sing, dance, do impressions and act.  Wayne is accomplished in all of these disciplines. A great guy and a wonderful interview.