Great Memories, Frank Callaghan passes, SHORE deal nixed

A great flashback to 1963 with CFUN good guys Al Jordan, with microphone in hand and Fred Latremouille with unidentified hostess in hand.  This was a remote for Fogg Motors in New Westminster. Remote broadcasts were a big part of each radio week and drew customers like crazy.  I feel proud that I rescued many photos from that era which is long past.

This high school rep club card was the Facebook of another era. At one point in my early radio days there were 50,000 members of the club and about 50 members who were high school representatives. Reps would meet with me at CKWX once a month and keep me posted on what was cool and what was not cool at their school. I was into marketing and didn’t even know it.  Great memories.

Vancouver broadcaster Frank Callaghan passed away last week. Frank began his career on the original CKLG which stood for Lions Gate radio. At the time it was in the North Shore building that housed B.C. Telephone Company. To this day the station is licensed to North Vancouver. In the early 60s they moved downtown to Richards Street. Frank was the Program Director of CKLG and through his efforts the station took over from C-FUN as the front runner for Top 40 in the Vancouver market. Today CKLG is part of the Corus group of radio stations and is basically a traffic reporting station. Oh, the glory days are gone. We lived in the best of times.

Astral Radio had applied for permission to buy SHORE FM.  The change of ownership request was turned down this week by the CRTC. Astral was eligible as it has one AM and one FM in the marketplace and are entitled by law to two of each. The sale would have added another FM to their group of radio stations across Canada. It seems to this writer a matter of bad timing as the usual waiting period before an owner can sell a station is three years or more and in this instance it was less than that. I am sure all parties will go back to the drawing board and back to the commission within this next 12 month period.