Jerry Naylor

This photo of Jerry Naylor, lead singer for the Crickets after Buddy Holly died, was taken in Hawaii last year. Jerry is responsible for one of the greatest documentaries on the history of Rockabilly music, They Called It Rockabilly Long Before They Called it Rock And Roll. It has played on PBS to great success. Jerry’s career is an amazing story in itself: he started singing country music as a teenager in Texas and worked with some of the greats such as Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton and Bob Luman. He joined the Crickets and moved to Los Angeles. During his years in L.A. he was a prominent television host, enjoyed success as a solo artist on Columbia records and a deejay in the city of Angels.  We have been friends since 1962 when Les Vogt and I brought the Crickets to B.C. for some rock and roll gigs. We have remained friends and see each other often.