Red Around Town, December 2011

Carole and I just returned from Hawaii and a couple of weeks enjoying the sun, the sand and the surf. I love Maui. It is the most restful place for me in the world. While there we visited with Fred Latremouille and his wife Cathy. They have lived a half year on the island for quite a long time. Fred wisely invested in a condo in Maui in prime property at Kaanapali Beach and now the prices are in the stratosphere. We had a couple of dining experiences with the two and enjoyed their company immensely.

Of course our conversation got around to radio and how it has, for the most part, almost disappeared. As you can see from the photos Fred and Cathy are in good shape, and so is the island of Maui. While visiting the island we tuned in to an “oldies” station that was so robotic it was insane. Music played and there was no identification as to who it was, there are no “live” people there except for the morning show. I don’t know about you but just wall-to-wall music just doesn’t hack it. No traffic, no weather, no news, no personality, no listen next time.

Upon returning from Hawaii I found to my surprise a full page ad in the Vancouver Sun saluting me as Doorman of the Year. The full page color spread caught me unaware. This of course was my tribute dinner at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in late October. It was a grand evening.

I will be making an appearance this weekend (December 4) on Shaw TV as they are reviving Timmy’s Christmas Telethon on behalf of the B.C. Lions Society for Children with Disabilities. The telecast will be “live” on Shaw from 4 pm to 10 pm and includes entertainment, inspiring stories, special celebrity guests and a look at what the society does in various B.C. communities. Some of my Shaw friends will be there including Fanny Kiefer, Michael Eckford, Fiona Forbes, Johanna Ward and other guest hosts.

It will be fun for me to return for a brief piece of the show. In the “olden days” I would be on for 21 hours straight. I have fond memories of 23 years as main host and the many celebrities I booked on the various shows including the folks pictured here. In those 23 years we raised over $100 million for children with disabilities. Tune in to Shaw TV this weekend and make a pledge.

Jersey Boys, the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, is coming to Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre September 5-23. I hosted the recent Vancouver launch of this Tony award winning Broadway show and had a chance to meet the cast members. Get your tickets early, this is going to be one of the hottest shows of the year!