Red Around Town, February 2013

Former local singer Bryan Adams and his “other” Alicia Grimaldi have welcomed a new baby girl into his world. Bryan and Alicia named her Rosylea Lula. Rosylea is Cockney rhyming slang for a cup of tea. The reason for the name is she arrived at tea time. Rosylea joins big sister Bunny who is now 22 months old. Adams explained the Lula part of the name. He says it comes from Gene Vincent’s song Be Bop A Lula. Bryan let me give you some trivia on the song. Gene was from Virginia and had a southern accent. The song was about the cartoon character, who wore a little red dress, named Little Lulu. When Gene wrote the song, it was about her and he pronounced Lulu as Lula. The record company labelled the disc that way and it stuck… British singer Tony Sheridan, who sang on some of the Beatles‘ earliest recordings including My Bonnie has died in Germany. He was 72. As a session musician, early in his career he worked with Gene Vincent, Conway Twitty and Eddie Cochran. Tony became the first British singer to play live electric guitar on TV, on the BBC show Oh Boy. Sheridan’s work with the Beatles had been reissued numerous times through the years, most recently in 2011 with the album The Beatles with Tony Sheridan First Recordings – 50th Anniversary Edition issued by Time-Life Records and nominated for a Grammy… Also from Britain comes word that Dave Clark Five bassist Rick Huxley has died at age 72. Dave told the Reuters news agency that Huxley died unexpectedly at his home in the English countryside. The Dave Clark Five was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. Huxley was born in Dartford, England, the same town that is home to Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards. I will never forget, at the height of their career, they appeared in Vancouver and I held a press conference in the C-FUN studios with all five talking and taking phone calls. Here’s a snippet — I asked Dave about the press reports of a rivalry with the Beatles. Click the picture to listen.

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What made this an item? My competitor CKLG was the presenting station. I had sent a limo to the airport to pick up the boys and bring them to our studios. Roy Hennessy and his fellow CKLG Boss Jocks were pissed! Those were the days.