Reditorial: Difference Of Opinion

Hi Ethan:  I am one of those stupid, fantastically dim Canadian morons you saluted in your column today. You stated that the country is rife with idiots (but of course only on one side of the political spectrum).  You wrote that you have just recently become a Canadian citizen. Didn’t you know we were all incapable jerks before you voted? Your statements are typical of the leftist liberal view of life and politics: “disagree with me and you are a wing nut. My opinion and the opinion of my fellow travelers is the only correct thinking.” It is my opinion that you think democracy is spelled t-y-r-a-n-n-y. But then again what do I know?

Robert Robinson

Ha, I think Harper spells democracy that way… I don’t think everyone that voted Tory is a wing nut – however, I was filled with dismay to see so many people ignoring Harper’s incredible assault on democracy and accountability to the public. Thanks for writing, Red…


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