Reditorial: Our Vanishing Heritage

I get so busy on various projects that I find it difficult finding time to give some opinions. But here goes.

Opinions are not popular today. If you disagree with some political people you can instantly be accused of racism or “not understanding”, which means “you don’t believe in what I believe in so therefore you are not worthy.” This is becoming a disgusting disease rolling through the western world. Whatever happened to “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”? Today it seems to read, “I will give you the right to say something as long as it fits my perception of the truth.” This totalitarian concept is defeating us. Some even demonize those with a different opinion. Stand up for what you believe in. If the Mob (and that is what these fascists are) has a problem with your opinion, be calm and carry on. And quit apologizing for who you are. If you are a Christian, a Jew, a white person or a Sikh or a black person you don’t have to apologize. When someone puts me down for my religious or political beliefs I ask them, “compared to what?” The answers are always fascinating.

Stand tall.

On another note, I can say honestly I am a proud Canadian, but as of late, a sad citizen. The reason I am sad is that I have discovered that Canada is the only country in the free world without a Museum of Broadcasting or a Museum of Canadian Music. Most people find it difficult to believe, assuming that we have both these institutions.

What has been happening in broadcasting over the past two decades is a takeover mentality. Large corporations have taken over radio and TV to the point that for the most part, five companies own most of the media. When a corporation takes over, the past — audio recordings, photographs and machinery — goes into the dumpster. Now even the CBC is unloading many of its historic recordings. This means the radio and TV archives of formerly independent stations have been tossed. I am sure there are exceptions but I don’t know of any.

Is our broadcast history unimportant? Will future generations be frustrated that we had so little respect for our history?  I think it is obscene that with our rich history of radio and television nothing is sacred, nothing has been saved. Will someone get in touch with our heritage minister and tell him that we are unhappy with this situation?

Help preserve the history of media in this country.