Reditorial: What’s Wrong With Vancouver?

I was raised in Vancouver. Our city is under attack from the first dictatorship in living memory. They bring forth their agenda and pretend that this is what the people have requested.

When David Pratt invited me on CKNW‘s Sports Talk show, I accepted. I voiced my opinion about bike lanes, the Georgia Viaduct, the new public bike share program, and the attack on our local public golf courses. Whether you agree or disagree with my opinion it is just that, my opinion. Some on the left who call themselves “progressive” are truly regressive. They want to destroy golf courses and tear down bridges.

I have a right to find these things offensive and will not hide in the shadows as a citizen of this city. Please listen and form your own conclusions.

Click the CKNW logo to visit the Audio Vault. Select July 12 at 10:00 PM. Our conversation starts at 24:06.