Reditorial: Your emails on CFUN

Red, you are bang on with your Reditorial about the lights going out at CFUN and the broadcast biz as a whole.

I’m truly thankful for my 15 years ON-AIR in radio and TV, including having worked mornings at CKWX with greats like yourself and Cam McCubbin. I learned so much, working alongside you and Cam.

Leaving the industry in 1988 for a 20 year stint with the Ministry of Highways, on call with Burnaby RCMP, and 19 months ago returning to the private sector to work full time as a communications operator with Mainroad Howe Sound Contracting, has proved beneficial in so many ways, monetarily, and still dealing with media who call for traffic updates.

While Joe Leary is going to work in some capacity with TEAM 1410, I believe he too, might at some point pursue other interests. One of his favourite supplemental jobs is writing for 24 hours newspaper, Canucks, BC Lions and Vancouver Business magazine.

Like yourself, I too am glad not to be starting out in today’s broadcast industry, but deep down, will forever cherish with very fond memories… THE GOOD OLD DAYS! — Stan Kravetz

Red, I remember when you started at CJOR. What great memories. Back then radio was entertainment, Sadly that is not the case today. I heard you speak on Bill Good‘s show today, and that is where I found out about CFUN. It seems that all management wants is bottom line profits. There is nothing wrong with that but the pablum they serve up is sickening. I once put a stop watch on the Bill Good show, (I like him), the amount of time he was actually on the air would astound you. It is all commercials. Sad. — Arnie Stone

I heard about your blog today while I was listening to CKNW — until recently I was a long-time listener of 1410 CFUN — and it was good to know that somebody (i.e. you) is talking publicly about the demise of CFUN. After reading your post I had to write and thank you. As a long-time radio listener I have seen so many of my favourites disappear from CFUN and CKNW, however, the complete disappearance of a radio station is something that I had yet to witness. I hope that your prediction of more destruction to come will not prove to be true, however, I strongly suspect that you are right.

You mention that Joe Leary was the only employee that was not fired — I checked the program guide on the new website, however, I was unable to find his name. What is his role with CFUN now? — Maureen Whiteside

Maureen, I understand he is going to be one of the morning hosts.

CFUN was “the station” for all the young people of the West Coast in the early 60’s and its Funtastic Fifty featured many hits that were uniquely popular only in this area. As these magical call letters disappear from the dial and the dj’s associated with local radio at that time retire our musical history disappears along with it.

Does anyone ever play Shake Shake Sherry or Lana based on a Billboard chart, not a chance because they weren’t on it, they were however smash hits in Vancouver. It is a sad state of affairs and drives us older folks to our records and ipods.  Keep rockin’ Red. — Colin Clayton

Colin, you are right on the money. It is a sad statement but true. This era has come to a close.

I heard you mention CFUN on the radio this morning & wanted to add my comments. I’m appalled at what happened & the way it happened. The company has done some nasty things to their employees over the years, but that was despicable! As a long-time CFUN listener I’m still in shock. I can’t believe those people are just gone. I really miss my talk radio & there are very few stations left. I realize technology is changing & some of that is great. But I don’t want to carry around an iPod or have to search the net for radio stations. I want to just turn on my radio & go about my day. It’s very sad that everything today is all about the bottom line. Thanks for the chance to vent. — Beverley Gill

Just like to say I’m appalled at the goings on at that rubbishy station. Really, it makes you feel like you want to throw up. Feel bad for all the people let go. Heartless. Anyway you said it all on your web page and I totally agree with your comments. Shocking.  — Randy Senft