Still Spinning After All These Years

Exactly 55 years ago this afternoon, 16-year-old Red Robinson returned from the Okanagan to his part-time operator’s job in CJOR‘s broadcasting studio. From his office in the Howe-off-Robson Grosvenor Hotel, program director Vic Waters said he’d fired the disc jockey for whom Robinson cued and spun records. “Why don’t you go on and do the job,” Waters said, “and we’ll tell you later if you’ve got it.” (More from Malcolm Parry in the Vancouver Sun)

Malcolm Parry photo

Red, I enjoyed hearing you with Bill Good this morning talking about a lot of great old times. I thought I would share this small story with you.

As a teenager in Vancouver in the 1950s we used to cruise the streets with a portable radio propped on the dash listening to your shows in the evening. In about 1956 we were listening to you one evening when you were carrying out a stunt. You were depositing records in various pay-phone booths, and I think you were phoning back to the radio station giving hints about your location. We got on your tail and were able to get two or three of the records. As I remember, the record was a red coloured, transparent 45rpm called Function At The Junction. This is just one of many  enjoyable memories related to your evening broadcasts – thank you!!! – Don Benn

Kudos to you, Red, here’s a message that I sent to you via the Bill Good Show this morning, great show, Red, {Radio Rules forever in our soul}!

Akin to Bill Good, Red Robinson is a household name, one who has brought sunshine to Vancouver; and he ushered Route 66 to Canada!  Thanks for the memories Red, may there be 55 ‘rock’n’ years ahead… Route 66 still KICKS, AND Red you still ROCK!!! – Lorrie Fleming, Founder – Canadian Route 66 Association

Hello Red, I watched Global this morning, as I do every morning. I would like to congratulate you on your anniversary. In 1958 I always listened to the Teen Show. I was twenty then, and had just arrived from Denmark. I used to call you with my request (Poor Little Fool) and you were always kind enough to play it for me. Thank you for all the great entertainment over the years. I do have a request, if you could send me an autographed photo. I would be forever greatful. – Kurt Jensen

Hi Red, I just read Mac Parry’s column on your 55th anniversary in radio.  Our congratulations!  I have been listening to you what seems to be forever.  Not to date you too much but I have been listening to you since 1956 when I was in grade six. When I look back…I don’t where I would be today without all of your support and assistance getting me into the radio business. You are a one of kind.  Vancouver’s longest running radio star and Vancouver radio’s biggest radio supporter. Our congratulations to you and Carole. – Neil and Sharon Soper

Hi Red… great piece on Global this morning..You have a remarkable career which you have every reason to be very proud of. Keep Achieving.  – Dick Drew

Hi Red, 55 years today and still counting. Our heartiest congratulations – Harley & Heather

Hi Red, we saw your piece on Global’s morning news show, and I wanted to send along our congratulatory wishes on your 55th anniversary in broadcasting.  Quite the acheivement, and you should be very proud of this accomplishment.  On behalf of Vic & Thelma, Rick & Laura and their children, we send along hearfelt congratulations to you Red!  – Catherine Johnson

Hi Red, just a note of congratulations on your 55 years. Watched your episode with Steve Darling this morning. Great career! And still going.  – Bill Veitch

Red, I see it all started 55 years ago today! Congrats on attaining such a remarkable milestone! Your influence on our industry…and on ME!…has been huge. Thanks for it all…. Brian Antonson

Red, congratulations on 55 years on the air!  That is a very exciting milestone. – Lea Carpenter

Congratulations Red!!!! Still walking the walk and talking the talk after 55 years. Life is like a bicycle. As long as you keep pedaling you don’t fall off. Go Red!!! – Don North