Wayne Newton

Wayne Newton came to town to perform at the Red Robinson Show Theatre. This was our second encounter. I had never met him in the Sixties when he played at the Cave Theatre Restaurant. However, at the’ meet and greet’ before the show a lady came by with a Cave Theatre photo album with a photo of herself and Wayne. Wayne saw it and said “Who is that young man with you?”

Wayne has had an amazing career, particularly in Las Vegas where he became known as Mr. Las Vegas. He credits the late comedian Jack Benny with getting him started — he insisted that Wayne open for him when he travelled the continent. His two favorite performers were Bobby Darin and Elvis Presley. Wayne also acknowledged how much Darin contributed to his initial performances in Sin City. We talked about Dancing With The Stars and how exhausting that was. In addition he has just completed 100 concerts. On stage he is the consummate performer… although his voice does not have the power it once had.