We lose another radio great: Al Jordan passes

Al Jordan

Al Jordan audio courtesy Owen Coppin

Sad news today: the passing of someone special in my life. Al Jordan was one of the most gifted announcers ever to work in broadcasting in this country.

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When I was 16 I was fascinated with his voice and his CJOR radio show Theme For Teens.  In 1953 the Vancouver Sun reported that actor Jimmy Stewart was in town. I phoned Al’s radio show and impersonated the actor. Al thought it was real and Sun columnist Jack Wasserman wrote, “Wasn’t that nice of actor Jimmy Stewart to call the Al Jordan radio show and say hi to the kids?” I was mortified, and in an age where you paid the consequences for your actions, frightened that I had done something wrong.

CJOR studios in 1953. I am acting the ass with a mike jack with Al.
The kids are visitors from a local high school.

A few days later I called back as character actor Peter Lorre, and this time Al asked if I had called as Jimmy Stewart. He was on to me! Al invited me down to the CJOR studios and taught me how to operate and how to speak on the air. There are some people in your life who make a major impact.  Al Jordan made my career possible and many others in the business also. I will miss him. The time comes when we all have to sign off and my 81 year old mentor has done that.

C-FUN Good Guys on the steps of the station on 4th Avenue in Vancouver:
Tom Peacock, Frosty Forst, me, Ed  Kargl, Fred Latremouille and Al Jordan.

Jack Cullen, me, Al Jordan and Tom Peacock in the background.
Taken at CKWX upon my departure from doing mornings back in 1985